Vladimir Butta, Mining Engineering

“It helps me to live not up to the world, neither other Christian’s standards but up to God standards and expectations.”

Vladimir Butta, Mining Engineering

( Angola )

Other Testimonials

Chi Alpha is the perfect opportunity to experience and share God's true love

Yelsin Ramirez,TESOL

( Nicaragua )

Chi Alpha is a place where I know I can go to experience God’s presence and grow in my faith. It has given me the opportunity to be connected to an incredible family of believers from all over the world without having to leave my hometown!

Danae Price, Music

( Carbondale, IL )

Chi Alpha is a community of college students who love God and who are hungry for Him. Because of their hunger for God, they want to experience God consistently in deeper dimensions in their lives

Marie-Esperanoce Namage Baseleba, Computer Engineering

( Democratic Republic of Congo )

“Being part of a team of people from different nations has enlarged my heart! This experience has opened up my mind to so many different ethnicities, cultures and upbringing...and yet, it's amazing to see that we all share the same deep and authentic love for Jesus! This place allows me to encounter God personally as well as develop deep friendships that I longed for.”

Kim Wong, Nutrition Science, Alumni

( Malaysia )

“In XA I found what the meaning of family and true friendship really is. Everyone is so lovingly and welcoming and so I don't have to try too hard to fit in. I came to encounter the love of God through XA and have since grown in the knowledge of who He truly is. I thank God for blessing me with a family in XA who is always there to support me, pray with me, listen to me and encourage me”

Ivy Saako, Biology, Alumni

( Ghana )