LIFE Groups

We are made for community! We believe that the greatest transformation occurs when we are living in real community with our brothers and sisters in Christ. That is what LIFE Groups are all about. A community of students doing life together as we journey through SIU. Whether you are Christian, thinking about becoming a Christian, or just like hanging out, you are welcome!

Our LIFE Groups are purposely created to connect students from different cultural and ethnic background and to bring a taste of “home” . Whether you are from Asia, Africa, Europe, Middle East or the Americas, there is a LIFE Group for you! We meet weekly to encourage one another, learn to study the Bible, grow spiritually, ask questions, make new friends, and enjoy a meal (like a family!).

Different LIFE Groups meet at different times and locations. Join one! And contact us if you need a ride, too!

Chinese Fellowship (Chinese) | Saturdays 5pm
Sylvia | | 618.303.0226

Spanish (Spanish) | Saturdays 5:30pm

Fabi | | 619.303.3429

Family Spanish (non-traditional students with family) | Thursdays 5pm

Edgar and Alba | | 618.967.0970

African & Caribbean (English) | Saturdays 6pm

Kudzai | | 618.967.6521

Indian (English) | Saturdays 6:30pm

DV | | 618.303.0835

Japanese (Japanese) | Saturdays 6:30pm

Sayaka | | 618.559.9957

African American | Thursdays @ 6pm

Harold and Cassie| | 618.201.1980